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Career & Employment Opportunities

Women Transitioning into Trades and Employment at George Brown College

[music] WOMAN 1: I feel nervous. I feel anxious. WOMAN 2: I’m just very excited
to start the program and to get to know all the
ladies and to know of all the opportunities that
come from this program. ANNA WILLATS: WTTE is an
innovative program we’ve been running since 2007. It’s designed to help women and
gender nonbinary folks who are living on low incomes
create a pathway to trades and non-traditional employment. The trades is, as we know,
male-dominated but women bring a lot to the table. We bring great teamwork skills;
we think of projects in a holistic way so we think
about the consequences of what we’re doing. We really think that trades,
you know, if somebody wants to pursue those and see
how far she can go then that’s something that
should be open to her. [music] JULES LEWIS: The women who
go through our programs do very, very well for the most
part and they do very well with their employers afterwards
to the point where employers have started coming
to us specifically, often looking for women. They really appreciate the
different perspectives that women can bring to a job site. [music] ANNA WILLATS: The program
includes wraparound supports such as food cards, access to
the services of the college such as a food bank,
counselling services. We also have money available
to assist with fines and other kinds of things that
come up that may stop someone from proceeding on the path
that they’ve set out. WOMAN 1: Basically like, I
found the confidence to, to go out there and start
looking for a full-time job in the trade management field
in order for me to provide for my family. WOMAN 2: After the first two
weeks of being in the program and getting to know some of the
other women that were in there, I felt more comfortable
knowing that we all have similar experiences and we all
wanted similar stuff in life. [music]

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