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Work With Bucky: Student Jobs in University Housing

Kevin: I’d never actually had a job before
and I was kind of nervous. And so I started off at Four Lakes Market
and I had a lot of fun experiences there. There’s a lot of variety of work to do there. It’s not just ringing up people, it’s not
just cleaning toilets. Sarah: I love when new students ask me about
working for Housing because I think it’s such a great experience and it’s so accommodating
towards college students because they know we’re students, they understand we’re busy,
they understand that going to such a prestigious university we have so many other commitments. Lexi: You probably think you might not have
enough time but once you get a job you’ll find out that you actually do have enough
time to get everything done. Bridgette: The job is a lot of fun because
a lot of the people I work with end up just being friends. You see them on orientation day looking like
a deer in the headlights but then by the end of the semester they’re all let loose and
enjoying their job as opposed to being stressed out about it. Erik: I worked at University Housing Apartments
at Eagle Heights and I’ve loved it ever since. This is my fifth summer back and I love working
there. It’s a great job. Devin: I worked for Housing last year as a
student custodian and it’s definitely a great starting position for any first-year student. It makes it really easy to be at work at 7:30
in the morning. It’s kind of a joke I always tell all my tours. You just get up, brush your teeth, and head
down to work. Dan: I have learned some skills about leadership,
working efficiently, making sure everybody’s on task at all times, and really making sure
the guys also have fun throughout the summer. Diamond: One of the biggest ways that both
of my jobs in University Housing is preparing me for future careers is learning how to communicate,
relate, and understand people who are different than me. Jared: Housing offers a skill-set that will
be valuable for any job. In my current role with Conference Services
I would say time management and organizational skills are a top priority. With the sheer amount of groups I need to
get through in a given week, you’re able to take away real skills that you’ll be able
to use and not just collect a paycheck. Kevin: The first semester that I got straight
A’s was the one that I actually worked the most because that kept me on top of my duties. Sarah: Some of my best friends are from the
desk and my coworkers. So it’s just great working for Housing and
I always encourage all my friends that are freshman to apply for Housing because I really
think it’s a great experience. Lexi: It’s definitely the best job I’ve ever
had and the people I work with are amazing. Jared: I wouldn’t be where I am today if I
didn’t get involved within my first year. Bridgette: Honestly, it’s going to be the
most helpful job that you can get on campus. Erik: It’s a fabulous summer job. At the end of the day this has just been a
wonderful experience for me and if you’re hesitant just give it a try. I think you’ll actually like it. Kevin: Work with Bucky. Diamond: Work with Bucky. Dan: Work with Bucky. Devin: Work with Bucky. Bridgette: Work with Bucky. Jared: Work with Bucky. Lexi: Work with Bucky. Erik: Work with Bucky. Sarah: Work with Bucky.

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