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WWE 2K20 My Career Mode Gameplay Part 10 Samoa Joe

finally you all have a champion you
could be proud of and now that I’ve climbed this mountain I plan on enjoying
the view for a very very long time in fact our GM Randy Orton might not
like me saying this but I’m the champ now so who cares the next decade of
Monday Night Raw is going to be very monotonous because there will be no
universal title changes for the next 500 episodes this is all you will see me in
this ring holding this championship unfortunately yes I train from NXT is
here but let’s focus on our champion not the reaction I was expecting
but for those of you who find this upsetting I’m sure there are other
so-called championship matches you can watch where the titles will change hands
frequently but not mine okay this guy’s officially insane security do your jobs
are you kidding me I saw visiting backstage but I guess he
had other plans are you lost you know this is an NXT
right let him in the ring it’s cool come on
Joe you’re giving him what he wants this guy craves the spotlight Wow you mind telling me what you’re
doing out here I think we’d all like to know I got some really good advice from
my friend red she’s kind of new to raw but I’m sure you know who she is right
super talented bit of a temper sometimes but you can relate anyway she said I
should go around and introduce myself and I figured why not start with the
universal champion himself so I’m Trey pleasure to meet you this is going to
end well for Trey do you think on some kind of joke
no shut your mouth before I break your own I didn’t plan on competing tonight
but out for your little interruption I guess I’m gonna have to start my decade
of dominance one week early I wasn’t planning on competing tonight either I
actually just ate a ton of food catering our stomachs killing you mind if we
postpone until next week I’m afraid that is not an option okay fine but if I’m
doing this your your titles on the line right sure I didn’t get to properly introduce
myself I’m Samoa Joe and who’s gonna choke the life out of you
oh I think it’s gonna be more of a slaughter than a match I’m afraid too
right Cory wait all right here we go all right guys so welcome back to my
channel Oh Joseph camera fly my name’s Joseph so welcome back guys I thought a
dog that I thought that oh no what a counter yeah hate this similar ado locks in the Coquina clutch
told you Oh SAP why oh my god Oh mojo Ronnie
Wow can’t slow down Joe’s gonna kill me shouldn’t even know that food what the
hell did you just do I took your advice and it worked I’m
Universal champion I meant you should talk to someone like the GM to try and
get it call off not interrupt Samoa Joe I mean Congrats you’re crazy way of
doing things worked yet again but now what I haven’t thought that far ahead
I’m just enjoying the moment also on my throw up who also you’re my ride yeah if
you find your friend before I do you tell him this is far from over damn so I got lucky oh you can’t read the following contest is scheduled for making her way to the ring Silva
one on one action coming up here guys and I’m willing to bet this will be one
we won’t soon forget totally agree of Michael when you have
two superstars as hungry as these two competing in the ring you can bet it’ll
be memorable so silver red versus Rhonda in single arm there’s gonna be a good
match good match oh crap absolutely amazes me how quickly and
seamless from the world
since WWE she approves okay here we go I thought that yep I did say this how
about this boom ow oh gosh I’m look like a Superman punch Oh all right nope another a so hook them up back suplex stomping away go rake in the kidneys Kylie she’s
starting to look concerned she can withstand the punishment all the way you
know despite Rhonda’s rigorous training at the Performance Center and continue
improving in the ring there was a time when Ronda Rousey felt she couldn’t call
herself a WWE Superstar yet like she didn’t earn it by her look changed
quickly at SummerSlam though Michael I think becoming raw Women’s Champion
certainly earns Rhonda the right to call herself here we go WWE Superstar now man
come on it’s a does a or counter that boom thought you got Ronda Rousey’s first
women’s championship win let me tell you the worst bet to make is to double this
one only the third match of her career okay that’s oh she’s taking charge here
she’s definitely energized but she better make sure she saved something for
later oh yes and she’s back in the ring now oh man –
dodge it she counter damn cheap shot and see how to see oh she don’t have that
yet okay oh crap yeah there Arielle boom Michael setting up for something big hold on
wanted Samoa Joe doing out here you find your friend yet huh where is he
answer me I don’t know where he went this is not my problem oh crap damn
Ozzie – Virgil circumstances controversial
wrenching to stay focused are upon that’s on Archer well in appearance
Roger reality is also somewhat frustrated with how things went down a
wins a win if training run away like a coward this never would have happened
any red need to have a talk with her best friend
Wow hey there’s like a hundred other benches
in this Marco find one early look seriously I will not hesitate to punch
you in the junk tray yeah it’s me but keep it down I’m indiscreet oh I think
you mean incognito whatever I just don’t want Samoa Joe to find me I’m pretty
sure he’s not here good but just in case look off into the distance when you’re
talking to me I tried calling you all week but your phone went straight to
voicemail that’s cuz I smashed it I’m also wearing
different deodorant to throw Samoa Joe off my trail can’t be too cautious and I
don’t know if you heard but Joe ended up costing me my money in the bank
qualifying match you poked the bear and then ran away leaving me to deal with
him I’m sorry and I’ll make it up to you somehow but don’t get hot because I’m
the universal champion that’s not what this is about
are you sure you’re not a tiny bit jealous I want a title in WWE before you
when you’re supposed to be the in-ring star and I did it when I wasn’t even an
official member of the roster I mean this in the nicest way but you got lucky
I reversed a Coquina clutch into a pin that’s not luck I’m the one who taught
you that when we were training in Calgary fine and I guess this is yours
take it top one of the reasons I was trying to get a hold of you is Randy
Orton wants to give you a short-term raw contract so Congrats you got what you
wanted at least as long as your champion yes I mean yes don’t get too excited
Orton also wanted me to let you know you’re defending your title on Monday
hmm let me guess against Samoa Joe no he’s mad at Joe for letting this turn
into the single worst thing to ever happen in WWE his words so instead
you’re going to face Brock Lesnar hell no cool you sure you don’t want this
sorry you got yourself into this oh no has a fight oh gosh now I had to fight about lesser had to
fight the beasts in Connor Rock yes sir damn man walking I’m going to those oh man I will be in
the hospital the way I see it there’s no way we
prominent champ tonight the champ gets knocked off his pooch a lot of people are predicting the title
change here but I’m not so sure about that no way I can handle bought last year I’m
the new into the professor all like on you know the Ambrose before the apples
left done so okay no he’ll have head off part line sir Universal champion mr. Hickam Paul
Heyman well gosh the mayor of suplexes I’m going to news oh my gosh this is not
good if you if you like um don’t watch that you don’t know who walked out you
don’t know who is on croc lesser blunt lesser is the Donna mate the beasts
destroyer ever in the right some people survived I bought lesser something adult
because he’s not in the well if you’re in the match with the beasts oh gosh I’m going to suplex City Oh No then you say my name
you don’t say Bart last name not my day my contract
there you go coaster of a week for our Universal champion Trey our GM what’s
that rollercoaster ride to come to a screeching to my bras then he convinced
Brock Lesnar to compete in an on pay-per-view met for the first time
years doesn’t take a genius to predict that this would be the first and last
time trade defend I got a good shit hey no one thought he’d be in this position
tonight but he somehow pulled that off oh crap shape he’s in what’s he got in
mind take this Brock cool I don’t know about you guys but when
Brock lesner left WWE back in 2004 nah we’d never see him again
but I was wrong and I couldn’t be happier than I was I knew he’d be back
and then I’ll gonna win oh crap it is boom oh no oh no gather I’m going to win so oh I saw champion Trey still retains
the universal champion Jets my reversal title and I’m going to take it back not
anyone else so Randy Orton until you give me my
rematch get used to this happening over and over again all right guys so I’m gonna suffer right
here so thank you for watching Delta e to cake 20 I reap your che
don’t forget good put the like subscribe comment share and thank you for check
out my channel Josie came off life alright guys see ya

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