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your brand is a job seeker is personality it’s your passion your skills it’s everything that makes you up as a person that’s that’s basically your brand so don’t just think of your brand as your career so I would say too is a job seeker figuring out you know your brand once you’ve once you’ve determined what that is and kind of who you are and who you want to appear to be to other people that’s when you’re able to use other tools like social media or things like that to really spread out who you are by joining you know groups on LinkedIn or following people on Twitter or using facebook to connect with you know other professionals really being able to be consistent in what your brand is one of the other things about about personal branding is being aware of what other people think that you are if you know other people have a negative connotation of you you kind of have to work doubly hard to to get the positive message out about who you are as a brand and as a job seeker so I would say really defining and developing your brand is a good exercise for you not only as a job seeker but once you’re employed as well your personal brand will help you throughout your career whether you’re you’re in a job that you love or whether you’re seeking up the next step in your career path

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