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You Belong at Babson: The International Student Experience

At Babson College our global community
is among our greatest strengths. We are a diverse multicultural and inclusive
global family made stronger by our differences and enriched by a multitude
of experiences and backgrounds. This diversity of perspectives and
nationalities enhances the innovation and transformative experience that is
the hallmark of Babson College and prepares entrepreneurial leaders with a
truly global mindset. Recently, Forbes ranked Babson College
number one on its list of the 50 top colleges for international students. This marks the second
year in a row that Babson has topped the list. This year Babson also
received the 2018 Senator Paul Simon award for campus
internationalization. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding innovation and accomplishment in welcoming international students to our campus. As a former international student I understand first hand the experience the
challenges of international students and I’ve worked tirelessly over the past 17
years to make sure that our community is ready and prepared to welcome and help
our international students thrive. I never lived in the United States before
and this was the first time I was actually moving out of my house and my
home city and there were many apprehensions I had but the Babson
community was super helpful for example, they had speech Center,
Writing Center where you can just look online free and take an hour session with a professional. The professors here, I think, are the standouts.
I mean, they make you feel comfortable.
They make you feel wanted. They make you feel that your point, even if
it’s right or wrong they’re not going to judge you. They’re going to make sure that learning is
what is important at the end of the day. More than just
sitting in class and learning the lecture you really get to go out and experience
for example the consulting project or actually go on a tour event with all the
Babson people. We’re living in a global world. Globalization is part of every
single business, every single day activity. So for me, having an international crowd in the room really gives you different perspectives. It helps you get out of your comfort zone. challenges your way of thinking challenge your way of doing things The experience overall exceeded
my expectations by far. The people I’ve met
the experiences I live and the things I’ve learned I’m gonna take with me for
the rest of my life! We look forward to the unique contributions
you will make to the growing Babson community. And we are confident that your Babson education
will be a benefit throughout your lifetime.

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