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Zero Tolerance: Kurt Bardella Interview | FRONTLINE

30 Replies to “Zero Tolerance: Kurt Bardella Interview | FRONTLINE”

  • This interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of our documentary “Zero Tolerance.” Watch the full film, here:

  • The Republican Party is not a White Nationalist Party!😞 It is First and Foremost a Pro-Life Party!😃 Blessings, John

  • Typical leftist rubbish at times. Suggesting Trump is an empty vessel. Oh please. And white nationalist? No, nationalist. The folks already in the country benefitting most from immigration reform, are Hispanics and blacks. So short sighted. Also, the mischaracterisation of Breitbart is atrocious. Breitbart is 1st and foremost, a patriot and anti communist and anti cultural Marxist. Shame so little insight. Any true liberals left?

  • This guy is a very white skinned human who happens to be Asian yet see’s himself as a person of color. His definition of populism and white supremacy seem to be alike. The country contrary to his dislike is still a large majority white country. If you look at diversity around the country it’s actually quite the opposite. People are and live very tribal like because that’s what humans do. When white people do it it’s racist, nationalist and supremacist. When others do it it’s community. This guy is pro communist, geez I wonder why🤔

  • Can we stop with the 2 biggest misleading statements most widly used in regards to immigration? 1. Illegally crossing the border even if it's to bypass the wait and turn yourself into a cbp official is a crime. It make those criminals illegal ALIENS. Not illegal immigrants. If you come here illegally your are not an immigrant you're a criminal and should be expected to be treated and prosecuted as such. And 2. All of the laws regarding immigration on the books currently have been there since long before Trump. These are not Trump administration policies and procedures they are just old rules by the u.s. and u.n. that a president is finally enforcing. This isn't racism it isn't xenophobia. and anyone who claims it is, is either being blantantlt divisive or lacking a clear and reasonable level of knowledge and logic, and shouldn't be anywhere near a journalist or a microphone

  • Whoa whoa whoa, did Kurt just say this was the darkest period in American history?! What about the great depression? What about segregation, what about slavery? Jesus Christ kid the 2008 financial crisis and 911 are far worse than this. These people we are talking about keeping out of the country aren't eligible nor are they americans. At least the other examples are times when americans felt just how dark times were for them. And if we don't stop acting like every other countries hooker… We will be feeling this issues dark times. I pray we put a stop to the mass influx of poor uncivilized uneducated and unskilled demographics willing to put their kids through hell and abuse and rape on third journey north in order to force third way into a country whom already has too many we still need to assimilate and process. Do it legally, do it the right way, come here not as a charity case, not looking for handouts, come here pay your own way be a net benefit to this country if you can't do that you're not wanted here. We need to help our own first.

  • It's always humorous when a person of Asian ethnicity – which as a race outperforms all others in every socioeconomic metric – makes the claim that America is a racist country. If racism is indeed systemic as the Left's ceaseless narrative lectures us, then most absurdly this young man wouldn't have had the jobs he's held and wouldn't have been interviewed by Frontline.

  • Libs imported millions of poor immigrants to CA and turned it into a $hithole. It’s not fear, it’s dislike of the result

  • This guy thinks that citizens being concerned about immigration into their country including illegal immigration is xenophobic. I wonder how generous and welcoming the country is wherever he or his family comes from.

  • This swine is the quintessential RINO. He deliberately misrepresents the Conservative anti-ILLEGAL immigration stance by conveniently omitting ILLEGAL.

  • This guy starts off with inflammatory statements calling Trump supporters "white nationalists". Just because AMERICANS are concerned about people ILLEGALLY entering the country who commit crimes and drive down wages, it doesn't mean their stance is based on racism. It gets me so upset when guys like this make every policy viewpoint about race.

  • Question: What happens when the WHITE MAN goes away, leaving pseudo America to 3rd world Mutants, passively aggressive Asians and cuckish traitorous Whites…

  • Man i know the Trump fahggets are probably mad and havent read the comments yet…. Im sure that's the case because this for sure is one of the high quality interviews that PBS got (the other being Anne Coulter). This guy is very analytical and revealing

  • Of course, opposition to open borders and a demand for enforcement of immigration laws equate with racism which is a peculiar condition that afflicts white people. The totalitarian "progressive" narrative and view of society no longer resonates and the totalitarian "progressives" understand that. Hence default to race baiting and trashing whites.

  • I'm enjoying this series…until the end when they cut the video off right in the middle of an important statement…

  • This guy is a total liar. Example: laura ingraham never tried to scare anyone about immigrants at all! He's lying. Laura is not a fan of illegal immigration. This liar is trying to conflate legal immigration with illegal immigration. He's a dishonest pos liar. This lying pos is not an honest source of information at all. Also, brietbart has never been for white nationalism. He's lying again. That's why this video got 50% thumbs down because people who know these issues and the history of this know this nerdy fuck is a liar.

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